Mechanical breakdowns can happen when you least expect them and are often costly to repair. With the piece of mind to have your all parts and labour covered for the duration of your ownership you will get coverage on items like this:

• The piece of mind knowing that 3000 components are covered in the event that they fail or if breakdown occurs.
• Maximized resale of your vehicle with coverage that is transferable.24 Hour roadside assistance to help get your vehicle back on the road as quickly as possible.
• Car rental coverage should your vehicle be at the dealer for a covered repair from the first hour!


Whether it's a coffee stain to the upholstery, a door ding from the shopping centre, or a scuffed alloy wheel from parallel parking gone wrong, little accidents can quickly spoil the finish of your vehicle and reduce its resale value. Appearance Protection is designed to protect your vehicle from common mishaps that can quickly deteriorate its original showroom finish

• Interior Protection ( Rip, Tear, and Burn)
• Paintless Dent Removal
• Alloy Rim Repair
• Key Fob Replacement
• And More!


Did you know that when you purchase a used vehicle if you wright off your vehicle your insurance company only pays what fair market value is at the time? That means in most cases what they pay you and what you owe left are different ~ not in a good way! This is why we offer GAP on all of our used vehicle finance's. GAP covers you for the worst-case scenario's, if you wright off your vehicle due to accident, fire, or theft, GAP pays the difference between what you owe left on your loan and what your insurance company gives you.

• Pays up to $50,000 in negative equit
• Gives $500 credit to purchase new vehicle above the settlement


Tire guard is one of our most effective coverages. Whether you're a contractor at risk of nails on the job site or just a daily commuter at risk of potholes on our roads or any situation in between we have your back for tires and rims! Tire Guard covers your for up to $5000 of replacement tires and rims for the term:

• Unlimited Plugs
• AWD or 4x4 replaces both on axel
• Covers Run-flats
• Covers wheels on vehicle not just one pair